Your Security - We can all Play a Part!

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At Bank of Sydney, we take the protection of your information and transaction data very seriously. However, online security is a partnership between us (as the provider of online services to you) and you (the user of these services).

As such, it's important that you do two things:

Keep Informed

Technology cannot automatically protect you against all fraud and security risks. A range of email and other online frauds have been attempted over the last few years; these scams will continue and you should be aware of them.

Things you can do to keep informed:

  1. Understand How we protect you and the Online Communications Practices we have adopted
  2. Read the Threats to your banking safety for information about threats to your computer, types of scams and types of banking fraud

Improve Your Online Security

Equally, technological protection cannot protect you if you are careless with your personal information. You need to play your part in protecting your information responsibly and in accordance with our terms and conditions.