Internet banking

When your Internet Banking is activated for the first time we send you an email with your Internet Banking username. If you’ve forgotten your Internet Banking username, please contact our customer service team on 13 95 00.

Yes, you can create a nickname for all of your BOS accounts.

  1. Login to your Internet Banking
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click ‘Account Nicknames’
  4. Choose the account/s from the drop-down menu
  5. Enter the nickname
  6. Submit the changes

Recurring transfers can be setup for BPAY, domestic transfers, between your own accounts and within BOS transfers. Please note: you can’t set up a future-dated international transfer.


  1. Login to your Internet Banking
  2. Select ‘Payments/Transfers’
  3. Select the type of payment from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter your payment details
  5. Change the date for the single transfers, or select ‘Recurring Transfer’ and amend the dates and frequency
  6. Submit and authorise the payment

Once you have authorized a schedule transfer, you will be able to see and delete it under ‘My Money’ and ’Schedule Transfers’.

You can always find the details of your past transactions under ‘Online Activity’. To do this:

  1. Login to your Internet Banking
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select ‘Online Activity’
  4. Click on ‘Show Filters’
  5. Apply the date range to find the transaction
  6. On the list of activities find the transaction (Example “Domestic Payment”)
  7. Then click on to download the receipt of the transaction, which includes all the details of your transfer

Online statements are only available for the primary account holders for personal accounts and can be download via Internet Banking under ‘My Money’.

You can send us a secure message via Internet Banking asking to stop paper statements.


You can define your own daily limit between $0 and the maximum allowed limit at any time, via Internet Banking.


  1. Login to your Internet Banking with your personal credentials
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click ‘Daily Limits’
  4. Select ‘Define my own limits’
  5. Type in your preferred amount
  6. Confirm the changes by authorizsing via SMS or push notification

Internet Banking daily limit increases are valid for 48 hours. After 48 hours the daily limits will revert back to the default limits.

If you need a permanent increase, your request must be approved by your BOS home branch or Relationship Manager.


  • Up to $20,000

You can increase your daily transfer limits for each type of transfer up to $20,000 without contacting us.


Please note this option is only available via Internet Banking, not on the mobile app.

  1. Login to your Internet Banking with your personal credentials
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click ‘Daily Limits’
  4. Select define my own limits
  5. Change the type of limits amount
  6. Confirm the changes by authorising via SMS or push notification


  • More than $20,000 (only valid for 48 hours)

If you require a higher daily limit transfer, you’ll need to send a secure message via Internet Banking and your request will be processed within one business day.


  1. Login to your Internet Banking
  2. Click on the envelope icon on the top right corner of your home page
  3. Select ‘+ New Message’
  4. Type in “Limit Increase” as the message subject
  5. Write the amount you require to increase your daily limits
  6. Click on send and confirm by authorising via SMS or push notification


Please note that once your daily limits are increased, we’ll notify you by calling you on your registered contact number.

By default, your Internet Banking limits are as below:

  • Within Own Account Transfers  Unlimited Amount
  • Domestic/Within BOS Transfers  $10,000
  • BPAY (Bill Payments)                  $10,000
  • International Payments                $ 5,000

Secure messages allow you to send instructions to Bank of Sydney, for example to increase your credit limit or to withdraw funds from your maturing Term Deposit.

This function is only available on Internet Banking, not via the mobile app.

To send a secure message:

  1. Login to your Internet Banking
  2. Click on the envelope icon on the top right corner of your home page
  3. Select ‘+ New Message’
  4. Type in your request
  5. Send
  6. Confirm via SMS or push notification

There are few policies regarding Internet Banking passwords:

  • Your password should contain at least one number and one alphabetic letter
  • You can also use special characters and symbols, but they’re not mandatory
  • Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • If you require a password reset or you change the current password, the previous selected password can’t be used for another 12 months

You can download the BOS mobile banking app via the app stores on both iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve downloaded it, use your Internet Banking credentials to login.

Please note: the mobile banking app is only available for Personal customers; Business customers can only use Internet Banking.

You can contact us on 13 95 00 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm AEST) to activate your access to BOS Internet Banking. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Bank of Sydney branch and complete the Internet Banking application forms. The activation process is quick and you’ll receive your login credentials on the same day.

Your access to Internet Banking will be blocked after three consecutive wrong password attempts.

If your Internet Banking access is blocked, you need to contact us on 13 95 00 to unblock your access.

If you enter your Internet Banking username and are asked to enter your VISA Debit card number, it means your username is invalid. Please ensure you’re entering the correct username and if you need any assistance you can contact our customer service team on 13 95 00.

As a Personal Internet Banking customer you can register your primary device via the mobile banking app. Registering your device isn’t mandatory until you increase your daily transfer limits above the default limits.

Registering your device allows you to login to your mobile banking app via PIN, fingerprint or face ID. On the other hand, for any transaction authorisation you’ll no longer receive a SMS code; instead, you’ll receive a push notification on your registered device to authorise your transactions.

Please note: changing your number/SIM card doesn’t affect your registered device and you can continue using the same mobile device even if your number changes.

Due to security reasons you can only have one registered device at a time. If you wish to change your registered device:

  1. Login to the mobile banking app
  2. Go to ‘User’
  3. Click ‘Manage My Device’
  4. Delete your current registered device and follow the steps in order to register your new device

If you’re planning to go overseas, there are different ways to access your Internet Banking:

  1. If you’re going to use your Australian number while you’re overseas, there’s nothing to worry about. If you need to authorise any transactions, you’ll still receive the SMS notifications.
  2. If you’re planning to change your number when you arrive at your destination and you already know your overseas number, you must inform us by sending a secure message with your new number so we can change your contact details before you start your trip.
  3. If you’re unsure about the number that you’re going to use while you’re overseas, you can register your mobile device before you start your trip. Please note as long as you’re connected to the internet you will still receive the push notifications to authorise your transactions, regardless of your SIM card number.

Registering your device is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

For ease, push notifications are a way for an app to send information to your smart phone or tablet even when you aren't using the app.

Your Internet Banking password must be 8-16 characters long and contain at least one number and one alphabetic letter. Choosing symbols and upper-case letters is permitted but not mandatory.

If your access to an account is ‘Enquiry Only’ you will be able to see the account and the list of transactions associated with it, however you won’t be able transfer from it.

If you believe you should have full access to any of your accounts, please contact your BOS home branch in order to amend your access.

If you wish to change your contact details – mobile number, email address or residential address – please send us your new contact details with a secure message in Internet Banking.

Alternatively, you can visit your nearest BOS branch to fill up the ‘Change of Details’ form.

When you make a Domestic Transfer, you can also choose the priority as normal or urgent.

Normal Domestic Payments are processed on a daily basis and will be available in the beneficiary’s account within 24 hours if the payment is made before the cut-off time (4:30pm AEST) during business days. Payments made after 4:30pm will be processed on the following business day. There are no fees associated with Normal Domestic transfers.

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is a special type of Domestic Transfer from BOS to an external bank within Australia – funds will appear in the beneficiary’s account within the same day if processed by 4pm. If sent outside of business hours it will be processed on the following business day. If you choose the option of RTGS for a Domestic Transfer, you will be charged a $35 transfer fee. The cut-off time for a RTGS payment is 3:30pm AEST on business days.

  • Changing your username
  • Changing your password
  • Sending secure messages
  • Changing your daily limits
  • Assigning account nicknames
  • Managing the existing payees
  • Checking account statements
  • Receiving alerts

For Normal Domestic Payments the cut-off time is 4:30pm (Syd/Mel time) on business days.

For BPAY the cut-off time is 5:00pm (Syd/Mel time) on business days.

No, when you make a transaction and the status is pending, you won’t be able to stop the transaction as the payment has already been authorised.


If you make a BPAY transfer before 5:00pm AEST during business days, it usually takes 48 hours to reach the biller. However in some cases this might take up to 5 business days depending on the biller processing schedule.

  1. Login to your Internet Banking
  2. Click ‘My Money’
  3. Then ‘Statements’
  4. You’ll then be able to download your current or past statements (up to 12 months prior).

If you need to retrieve a statement prior to 12 months, go to filters and choose the date period in order to display and download your past statements

Online Statements are not available for business accounts. If you have requested to receive statements for any of your business accounts, we will send you paper statements on a monthly basis.

Once you initiate a payment (whether domestic, BPAY or international) you can save the payment as a ‘favourite’ transfer after it’s been confirmed.

After you save the payment, go to ‘Payments/Transfers’ and from the drop-down menu choose ‘Select Favourite’ and the saved payment you want to reuse, then amend the fields based on your requirements and submit.

Due to constant rate changes, you cannot schedule an international payment for a future date.

All international payments must be a same day transfer.

There are different types of alerts that you can set up for your Internet Banking accounts:

  • Balance above a limit
  • Balance below a limit
  • Last recurring transaction
  • New monetary transaction

In order to setup your alerts, login to your Internet Banking, go to ‘Alerts’ and then select ‘Alerts Setup’.

You can also choose the way you would like to receive your alerts under ‘Alerts Delivery Settings’, either:

  • SMS
  • Push Notification (when you have a registered device)
  • Email
  1. Login to your Internet Banking
  2. Select your account from the home page
  3. Click on ‘CSV’ to export your transactions to Excel

Please note, if you require a specific date rage, you can amend the Filter by clicking on ‘Show Filters’ prior to exporting your transactions.



You may submit an Internet Banking Transaction Dispute Form here

This form can be used for Pay Anyone transactions (made through Online Banking transfer)

Please note: If you need to dispute transactions for more than one of your BOS accounts, please submit a separate form.

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