Customer Support

We’re committed to supporting all of our customers – including those who are going through a tough time. We have a range of measures and resources available to help.

Financial Hardship

During this challenging period, we’re committed to helping you get through any financial adversity you’re facing. This could be because you’ve lost your job, developed an illness/injury, had a downturn in business, or lost a loved one. We’re here to help you work through these circumstances and get you back on track to financial stability. We have a range of options available. Let us help find a suitable solution, based on your personal situation.

Have you recently lost a loved one?

If you’ve recently experienced a loss, we understand that this is a difficult time for you and we want to help you where we can. We’ve created this guide to make the process of obtaining assets that Bank of Sydney is holding on behalf of the deceased as easy as possible.

Information to support you and your family

These guidelines are to help you, your legal practitioners and representatives in relation to family law property proceedings. They include information on the division of matrimonial property, division of your joint property that is subject to a mortgage to the bank or the division of other joint properties with several liabilities owed to the bank

Support for vulnerable customers

We have support available for customers who may be more vulnerable.

Customer Advocate

This team is the voice of the customer within the Bank, with a primary purpose to make it easier for customers when things go wrong, by helping facilitate fair complaint outcomes and minimising the possibility of future problems.

Banking Code of Practice

As a member of the Australian Banking Association, we aim to achieve the highest banking practice standards, ensuring that our customers receive all the relevant information they need when making financial decisions for their personal or business needs.

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