Business Products

You can link a Visa Debit Card for easy access to your money with a Business Easy Account, Business Advance Account and Business SmartNet Account.

Note: Business SmartNet account is a savings account and it has 5 free transactions per month, incurring fees after this.

As business accounts require extra documentation to be provided, further to your personal identification requirements, we will require you to supply other verification and documents in relation to the business identity, such as ABN or ACN information, Overseas tax information where application, financial statements, etc. Different company structures, such as trusts, sole traders or partnerships might require different documentation. Our staff will advise you what items of identification are acceptable.

You can open a Business Term Deposit via any of our branches. All you need to do is complete an application form and provide the documentation for business accounts. At this stage online applications are not available for businesses, however, you can check out current rates here. 

We know that every business has different needs and objectives, so we look at each case separately to understand what will fit your requirements. If you are looking for a business loan, talk to our Relationship Managers at your nearest branch, or contact us on 13 95 00.

Adding an asset as security for your loan means that you could get more favourable terms for your business loan, such as lower rates and reduced fees. If you own a residential property, you can secure it against your business loan. Learn more about our ResiSec Loans here.

Note: eligibility and lending criteria apply to all loans. For more information please view our Lending Terms and Conditions.  

The only acceptable security type for this product is residential property. Note, postcode restrictions apply, and there is a maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of 80% applicable. 

The rate can be variable or fixed (fixed rates are available on application only). 

Yes, redraw facility is available for all Business Resisec Loans. 

Both Principal & Interest or Interest Only repayment options are available for Business Resisec Loans. 

Business Resisec Loans are only available if you’re borrowing for business purposes. The following borrower types are acceptable: 

  • Business entities;
  • Personal customers in their capacity as a trustee for a trust;
  • Companies in their capacity as a trustee for a trust.