Trade Finance

If you intend to conduct or are already conducting cross-border business, including importing/exporting and/or undertaking overseas projects, Trade Finance services can facilitate these activities efficiently. Bank of Sydney provides a range of relevant services.

There are a number of trade risks involved with dealing overseas, including and not limited to the following:

  • Payment risks: eg. “How do I get paid?”
  • Delivery risks: eg. “Will I receive the goods/services I ordered?”
  • Performance risks: eg. “Will the Supplier produce the goods/services I ordered?”
  • Foreign exchange risks: eg. “How do I manage a foreign exchange risk?”
  • Cross border and country risks: eg. “How do I manage sovereign risk?”

In international trade, there are always gaps between payment commitment and receipt of proceeds from sales. Trade Finance is provided to close the gaps of the trade cycle by giving businesses access to finance to improve cash flow and manage payment risks more effectively. This enables you to be competitive in the global market.

The benefits of Trade Finance solutions include:

  • Access to finance for funding a business’ trade cycle, which incorporate its stock/debtor/creditor terms
  • The ability to offer earlier settlement for purchases, to secure favourable terms or offer extended payment terms to buyers, if required
  • Access to multi-currency sources of funding with flexible tenor, competitive interest rates (i.e. usually up to 180 days) to match cash flow needs
  • The ability to free or unlock the funds tied up in debtor receivables
  • Securing payment with a bank’s undertaking eg. Letter of Credit, Bank guarantee or avalisation of Bill of Exchange
  • Access the benefits of a ’natural hedge’ in situation where sales/purchases are made in the same currency

We have a suite of Trade Finance services available for Importers and Exporters including but not limited to:

  • Irrevocable Letters of Credit
  • Documentary Collection services
  • Trade loans/Advances for pre and post shipment financing
  • Bank Guarantees/Bonds
  • Export Letter of Credit confirmations

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