Exchange Rates

This page contains exchange rates for foreign currency, including telegraphic transfers and notes.


Telegraphic Transfers



Bank Buys

Bank Sell

Dollar USD 0.8080 0.7380
Euro EUR 0.6749 0.6049
Pound GBP 0.5851 0.5151
NZ Dollar NZD 1.1106 1.0406





Bank Buys

Bank Sells

Dollar USD 0.7996 0.7465
Euro EUR 0.6757 0.6153
Pound GBP 0.5830 0.5221
Chinese Yuan* CNY 5.1919 4.7715
Hong Kong Dollar* HKD 6.2213 5.7877


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These rates are effective as of 14 May 2021 at 9:27AM


*Only available at selected branches.

Rates displayed are indicative only and are subject to change. Not all currencies are available at every branch. Please contact your nearest branch to confirm availability. Please contact or visit a Bank of Sydney branch to obtain the actual rate available at time of exchange. For transactions in excess of the equivalent of AUD $10,000  please contact your nearest branch or call 13 95 00 for a special rate. Foreign currency notes in each currency are subject to availability. You can also check availability by contacting your nearest branch or by calling 13 95 00.