Corporate Responsibilities

Your local communities – which make up the fabric of society – are very important to us. We pride ourselves on our commitment to diversity, inclusiveness and education, which can be seen through our remarkable record of supporting local initiatives across a variety of sectors. As an active member of the community Bank of Sydney supports numerous associations, schools, charitable organisations, cultural and artistic initiatives each year. Driven by a vision to give back to the community, the Bank has proudly supported events, festivals, and celebrations as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives to further develop and strengthen the community we work with.

At Bank of Sydney, we take a responsible approach to the way that our business is run. We not only ensure that our actions protect and promote the interests of our internal and external stakeholders, but we also pay attention to the impact that we have on the economy, society and environment.


Employment: At Bank of Sydney we continuously support our staff with the aim of fostering positive work orientated qualities while retaining talented and skilled individuals. This has been established through our graduate and internship programs, our recognition of individual and team success, social activities and events for staff to engage in as well as our support for individual’s wellness.


Community: At Bank of Sydney we engage and collaborate across various sectors with community groups, multicultural societies, academic institutions, non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to enhance community well-being, tackle health and social issues and support development of mutually beneficial relationships with the community.


Bank of Sydney is actively involved in supporting initatives toward curative studies and Brain Cancer research (White Pearl Fundraiser, Laugh Your Head Off, FSHD Ball), supporting the growth and development of Arts and Culture (Hellenic Museum Sponsorship, Museum Victoria Sponsorship), supporting Youth in Sports and supporting Aussie Talents such as Aussie Golfer Dimitrios Papadatos and through sponnsorship of the Australian Lebanese Foundaton - University of Sydney scholarship for students.


At Bank of Sydney we are committed to reviewing and managing potential impacts we may have on the economy, the financial industry and our community. We also support global trade relations through sponsorships and memberships with business and trade organisations.

We practice the proper implementation of corporate governance while managing potential risk. We aim to establish a stable financial position and contribute to economic development while improving our value for our stakeholders. Our management and compliance committees oversee all matters relating to internal control, accounting policies and financial reporting.

We have also set up a series of effective monitoring procedures and systems to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and related activities. At Bank of Sydney, we maintain a robust risk management structure with policies and procedures implemented to identify, measure, monitor and control risks.


Climate Change is recognised as a large and urgent environmental issue. At Bank of Sydney we have refined our operations, services and have instigated green initiatives as we understand that we have a role to play in reducing our carbon footprint to encourage a better environment for future generations. Let’s Go Green was introduced as an initiative to reduce waste and encourage recycling efforts across Bank of Sydney. As well, we are moving towards more digitally orientated Banking and services to reduce carbon footprint and waste production. Since the early 2000’s we have gradually evolved our offices and branches to be more digitally orientated. Branches are moving away from predominantly print advertisement, we are utilising digital screens and online advertisement and we also encourage digital methods (online applications, forms and emails) amongst our retail staff when conducting daily activities.