Transaction and Savings Account

Our Visa Debit card is available with the following accounts:

  • Everyday Account
  • Retirement Account (withdrawn from sale)
  • Student Savings Account (withdrawn from sale)
  • Easy Life Account
  • Offset Account

If you’re applying for an account with two or more applicants, any one of the applicants will be able to operate the account on their own (also known as ‘Either to sign’ operation). This means that any account holder can transact on the account without the permission of other account holders.

If you would like a different mode of operation applied to your new account, please contact us on 13 95 00 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST) to discuss your needs.

You may choose to open an account with someone else. If so, you can choose to provide full access to both account holders to transact independently, or you may request to configure your account so that both account holders are required to approve transactions (two-to-sign authority).

We’ll send you monthly statements for Everyday Account, Easy Life Account, and BOS Saver accounts; quarterly statements for Retirement accounts; and every six months for Student accounts. If you would like to view the statement cycle for other products, please review the Deposit, Saving and Transaction Accounts PDS

Internet Banking details will be provided within 24 hours of your account being opened.

We’ll send you a temporary username via email, and a temporary password via text message. You’ll be prompted to change your password on first login, and can change your username at any time under ’Settings’ in Internet Banking.

If you’re an existing Bank of Sydney customer, all you need is your contact details and your Bank of Sydney Transaction Account Number.

If you’re a new customer, you’ll need your contact details, Identification documents and TFN on hand.  You don’t have to quote your TFN, however if you choose not to quote your TFN or eligible exemption, any interest payments may be taxed at the maximum rate. We recommend you obtain your own independent tax advice.

All applicants will also need existing Account Details (Bank of Sydney or another financial institution) to complete the Linked Account Details Section in the application form. Visit your nearest branch to apply.

The easiest way to withdraw funds from your BOS Saver Account is via Internet Banking. Once you’ve transferred your savings to your linked Transaction Account, you can transfer funds to another financial institution or use your Visa Debit card to make purchases, or withdraw cash via an ATM.

Please note: if you’d like to withdraw your funds in branch, a $5 Branch Assisted Fee will be applied.

A direct debit is a regular automated payment to transfer funds from your bank account, using your BSB and account number. When a direct debit is set up, you are giving permission to a merchant or service provider to debit your account regularly to pay for the services they provide you.

A recurring payment is a regular automated payment set up from your Bank of Sydney debit card. This is done by providing the merchant or service provider your card number, expiry date and 3-digit CVV number on the back of your card. This enables the merchant or service provider to charge your card regularly for the services they provide you.

­­­If you want to cancel or update a direct debit, you can

  • Send a Secure Message via Internet Banking (desktop only)
  • Call 13 95 00 (Mon- Fri, 9am-5pm AEST)
  • Visit a Bank of Sydney branch

To cancel or update a recurring payment, you must contact the merchant or service provider directly. If your debit card details change, it is your responsibility to notify the merchant or service provider so that your payment arrangement can continue.

If you believe there has been unauthorised transactions made using your Visa Debit Card, and would like to lodge a dispute, please click here.

Important: If your Visa Debit Card has been lost or stolen, please let us know immediately by calling 13 95 00 (option 4) ∙ International: + 61 2 8262 9191 (option 4), so we can take actions to try prevent unauthorised transactions.

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