Internet Banking Transaction Dispute

When to use this form:

This form can be used for Pay Anyone transactions (made through Online Banking transfer).

Please complete this form as soon as possible after the transaction is made, so we can investigate and resolve your request.

Important: If you think your Internet Banking Account has been hacked/compromised, please let us know immediately by calling 13 95 00 (Mon-Fri, 9:30am-5pm AEST), so we can take actions to try prevent unauthorised transactions.

Internet Banking Transaction Dispute

Section 1 - Account Holder Details

Section 2 - Transaction Details

Please enter the below details about your transaction dispute/s. Note: you may enter up to 3 transactions in this form.

Transaction #1

Reason for Dispute *

Transaction #2

Reason for Dispute

Transaction #3

Reason for Dispute

Section 3 - Additional Information

If you are submitting the form for more than 1 transaction, please label your attachments so they can be easily identified.

Upload relevant supporting documents (evidence, screenshot, email correspondance etc.)

Section 4 - Declaration

Prior to submitting this form, please ensure you have completed all relevant sections and uploaded supporting documents.

  1. I declare that the information in this form is true and complete and I authorise Bank of Sydney Ltd. to verify this information.
  2. I agree that my personal information may be used by BOS to investigate and resolve this dispute and may be disclosed to relevant third parties for this purpose.
  3. I acknowledge that his matter may be referred to the police for further investigation.
  4. I am aware that should the transaction(s) be confirmed as authorised by me, fees and charges may be applicable. I agree to pay the applicable fees and charges and to debit the above account. (Refer to Fees & Charges PDS)