Grow my savings

Whatever you’re saving for, whether it’s a house deposit or an upcoming vacation, a savings plan is key. These helpful tips, tools and strategies can help you get your piggy bank fattened up faster.

Create a realistic budget

Create a realistic budget of your expenses – this might include:

  • Rent/mortgage repayments,
  • Bills,
  • Groceries,
  • Subscriptions,
  • Gym memberships etc.


Remember to account for other ‘life’ expenses like entertainment, clothes, gifts and eating out.

Once you have an understanding of your expenses, you can see where you can cut back and start saving. For example, perhaps eating out a little less or cutting out that gym membership you haven’t been using.


Think of a goal


Be clear in your mind about what you’re saving for – it could be a deposit for a house, an upcoming holiday or even a new car. Having a goal in mind will motivate you to stay on track with your savings.

Calculate how much you could save

Fast-track your savings with a great rate

  • Find a savings account that has a good interest rate so you can get the most of the compounding interest over a longer period of time.
  • Watch out for introductory rates that only earn you a high amount of interest for a limited time. After this ‘honeymoon’ period, your standard rate may drop significantly, stunting the growth of your savings.
  • A term deposit is a great option if you’re looking for guaranteed returns over a period of time.

Term Deposits


Savings Plan Calculator

Determine how much you can save.

Term Deposit Calculator

Calculate the amount of interest you could earn on your savings.

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