There’s a general increase in scamming activity of late. Our priority is to protect you and while there’s no need to be alarmed, it’s important to be careful. So we want to give you some tips to help identify and avoid any scams you may come across.

How to protect yourself from a scam

Be wary of messages which urge you to act quickly.

Scammers use various methods to threaten or persuade you to act quickly. Calls, texts or emails which urge you to make immediate payment are likely a scam.

Do not engage with communications you do not trust.  

Never click links, attachments or download anything you do not trust or which request your personal details. Scammers can often make it appear that phone calls and emails are being sent from a legitimate source. If in doubt, use caution and do not engage.

Be cautious of offers which appear too good to be true.

Always stop to check if you believe an offer is not genuine.

Contact the person or organisation directly using details you’ve found yourself to confirm whether a communication is real.

Don’t give out your sensitive personal information

It’s important that you don’t give out your sensitive personal details via email, SMS or online.
Bank of Sydney won’t ask you for this information across these platforms.

Take care with unknown contacts

If someone you don’t know calls saying they’re from Bank of Sydney, exercise caution. If they ask for money via an unusual payment method, threaten you for not providing verification information, pressure you into buying something or making a quick decision, it’s likely a scam. Don’t stress, hang up and call our Customer Service Centre on
13 95 00 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST).

Look for the lock

When online ensure that you’re using a secure web page - look for the lock at the top of your browser and verify any URLs, email addresses or phone numbers provided against official websites/sources.

Scams are growing ever more complex and sophisticated

It’s essential to ‘hear the alarm bells’ to help prevent scams.

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