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VISA Debit Card

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Access your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from virtually anywhere in the world with our Visa Debit Card with payWave.

VISA Debit Card Bank of Sydney

  • Accepted Worldwide
  • Internet Banking
  • Zero BOS Overseas ATM Fees
  • Change your PIN at selected rediATMs
  • Verified by Visa - greater online purchasing security
  Key Features
  • Wave and Go (for purchases under $100)
  • Stop paying credit charges when you link one of your BOS transaction accounts to your new debit card and spend only as much as your available account balance
  • Link your  Debit card to your  Business Overdraft and add greater flexibility to your business banking 
  Which Accounts have a Visa Debit Card option?
  How do I activate my VISA Debit Card?

1) You can activate your card online if you're already registered for Internet Banking

  • Sign into Internet Banking
  • Select "Maintenance"
  • Click on "Activate my debit card"
  • Enter the requested details and click "confirm"

2) Activate your card over the phone

  • Give us a call between 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on 13 95 00

3) Visit your local branch