How We Protect You

How We Protect You

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The Bank's website and Internet Banking service is protected by sophisticated firewalls with adaptive security algorithms (ASA) which maintain the secure perimeters between the websites and the Internet. This provides full firewall protection that conceals the architecture of the internal networks from the outside world including protection against attacks.

Our Fraud Detection System

We use sophisticated technology to monitor your transactions and identify suspicious activity. Our Fraud Detection System looks for patterns of transactions and new behaviour which may indicate that a transaction is fraudulent. If we detect fraudulent activity, we'll attempt to contact you and temporarily freeze your Internet Banking access in order to prevent further fraudulent transactions.

We will continue to enhance our Fraud Detection System and strengthen our monitoring processes.

High Grade Encryption

Whenever you use our Internet Banking service or submit information to us using one of the main online forms available on our website, your information is protected by banking industry standard 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Encryption is a process of scrambling information using random mathematical algorithms ensuring that only the Bank can receive this information in an understandable format.

Tip: To check that you are using a secure web address, look at the root of the web address following the letters "http://". In a secure site you will see "https:/". The letter "s" signifies that you are accessing a secured address. Unsecured addresses do not include an "s" in the root address; they start with "http://".

Automatic Timeouts

If you have not logged out or exited your banking session, we will automatically time-out your session to protect your sensitive banking information.

Remember to make sure you exit your banking session before leaving your device unattended.

Incorrect Password Access Lock

After 3 incorrect attempts your Internet Banking service access will be locked. This is to ensure that there is no unauthorised access to your account details.

If your account becomes locked, it will then be necessary to contact us to request that your Internet Banking access be reinstated.

One time Passwords

As part of our commitment to Internet Banking security, the Bank has introduced One Time Passwords via Security Token and SMS. This is true "second factor" security that provides an extra level of protection against Internet Banking fraud

Our Guarantee to You

When using Bank of Sydney internet or mobile banking, we've got security measures in place designed to protect you against any unauthorised transactions. In the unlikely event that an unauthorised transaction does occur on your account, we guarantee that you will not be liable for any unauthorised transaction carried out provided you meet your obligations under our Terms and Conditions, and you haven't contributed to the loss.

It's all part of our commitment to you, our members.