Students celebrating reaching their savings goals

Student Savings Account

Students celebrating reaching their savings goals
This account is ideal for children and teenagers under 18. Parents have full control over it until your child turns 14 years old.
Up to 0.20 % p.a.

Key features

Funds earn interest, helping your child’s balance grow each month
No account keeping or withdrawal fees
Access funds 24/7 with a Visa Debit card (parental/guardian consent required)
Student Savings Account Interest Rates Annual Rate
Interest Rate 0.20% p.a.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll send you monthly statements for Everyday Saver, Easy Life Account, and BOS Saver accounts; quarterly statements for Retirement accounts; and every six months for Student accounts. If you have a linked Visa Debit card, we’ll send you monthly statements for the card.

Our Visa Debit card is available with the following accounts:

  • Everyday Saver
  • Retirement Account (withdrawn from sale)
  • Student Savings Account
  • SmartNet Account
  • Easy Life Account
  • Everyday Main Account

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