BOSPack Term Deposit

BOSPack Term Deposit

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Available for new deposits only

With a guaranteed interest rate for a set period, you'll always know exactly what your investment will be worth.

  • With a great fixed interest rate, the larger your investment the higher your potential returns.

  • With terms of between 1-12 months to choose from, you can select an investment term that works for you.

  • Invest as little as $1,000 or up to $5,000,000.

  • Feel secure knowing the Australian Government Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) guarantees deposits of up to $250,000 per account holder.

  • You can withdraw your funds before maturity if you need to1.

  Term Deposit Calculator

Note: Results from this calculator are indicative only and do not constitute advice or quotations and are not binding for Bank of Sydney. Any advice contained in this calculator is general and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Prior to acting on any figures provided by this calculator please consider whether it is appropriate for your circumstances. Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges and current rates are available from any branch, at or by calling 1300 BANKING.


  How will my interest be calculated and paid?

Interest is calculated daily from the date funds are deposited into your account and paid at maturity.

  Can I access my funds & close my account before maturity?

For circumstances in which you need to withdraw funds prior to maturity, we do not require 31 days notice to withdraw like most other Banks1. Simply notify us and we can help to arrange the transfer of your funds as per your instructions.

  What will my options be at maturity?

There are a number of options available to you at the time your Term Deposit matures. All you have to do is notify us of your instructions prior to your Term Deposit’s maturity date.

All investments and reinvestments are subject to the interest rate applicable on the date your Term Deposit matures, you can click here to view our current rates.

Here are your options:

Reinvest - If you would like to reinvest your Term Deposit balance, there is no need for you to do anything. Your funds will be automatically reinvested for the same term on the date your Term Deposit matures.

Partially Reinvest - You can select an amount you would like to reinvest, and the term you would like it invested. We will place any funds not reinvested into your Bank of Sydney Transaction account.

Increase your Investment - You can add additional funds to your investment when your term deposit matures.

Change the Term - At maturity you can reinvest your funds for a new term of between 1 to 12 months.

Withdraw – You can withdraw all your funds at maturity.

  Can I provide my maturity instructions?

You can provide your maturity instructions during your online application. Alternatively, if you wish to decide later, you can contact us prior to the date of maturity to provide instructions. It is best to provide this information via secure message within Internet Banking (you can view our Internet Banking User Guide for more information) or by calling us on 1300 BANKING.

  What happens if I forget to provide my maturity instructions?

We will send you a Notice of Renewal prior to your maturity date. If you still do not provide us with instructions after this notice is received, you have a 7 day (5 business day) grace period from the date of maturity in which you can make changes to your Term Deposit (inclusive of withdrawals) at no additional cost. 

  I want to make a deposit over $5 million, what do I do?

Please call us 1300 BANKING (1300 226 546) so we can discuss your options. 

Important Information
For amounts over $5 million, please contact our Term Deposit Specialist at your nearest branch on 1300 BANKING (1300 226 546) Interest Rates quoted are per annum.
1. Fees and Charges apply.
Ensure you read the Deposit, Saving & Transaction Accounts PDS, Fees and Charges, Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions of Internet Banking before applying for this product.