Our partnership with Australia's Hellenic Museum


Monday 23rd July 2018

Bank of Sydney is proud to announce a new partnership with Australia’s Hellenic Museum. This exciting development reflects the shared values held by both organizations and the desire to encourage further awareness of Hellenic Culture and History, but also to celebrate the contribution of Australia to Hellenism.

As Bank of Sydney has continued to broaden its presence in Australia, it has also expanded its support to Australian communities, culture, charities and sports through partnerships, sponsorships, events, fundraisers and more.

Bank of Sydney Partnership with Hellenic Museum Corporate Social Responsibility Initative

The Hellenic Museum is a source of Hellenic Heritage and Culture in Australia and houses the most comprehensive collection of Greek art and antiquities in the southern hemisphere. It showcases the influence that Greek art and culture has had on world art across the millennia. At Bank of Sydney, we are all proud of our Hellenic roots and our broader Australian Community work has built on those roots.   This sponsorship aims to encourage diverse cultural values, whilst bringing us all closer together” stated - Miltos Michaelas, Bank of Sydney CEO.


Bank of Sydney’s support for the Hellenic Museum will aim to encourage the growth and development of the Museum so that present and future generations can be given a greater opportunity to gain insight into history and culture.


“As a not for profit cultural institution the award winning Hellenic Museum punches well beyond its weight. Over the last 10 years it has grown to become an integral part of Australia’s rich cultural tapestry promoting dialogue between the ancient past, the present and the future. We sincerely appreciate the support of Bank of Sydney who recognize the role the Museum plays in promoting the importance of art and culture in Australia.” - John Tatoulis, Hellenic Museum CEO.