Written by BOS Media Friday, 28 August 2015 00:00


Recently a new wave of scams has been brought to our attention, where people have been randomly contacted via email and advised to open up accounts with a number of financial institutions as to be offered various employment opportunities in travel, administration or management roles.

Scams of this kind employ what are known as ‘mules’ to open accounts in their own legitimate names and then involve the transferring of funds into the new accounts. The source of these funds is usually disguised as business transactions however these funds are usually fraudulent. This is then followed by the ‘mule’ being instructed to transfer funds out of their account to another location overseas using third party companies such as Western Union. The‘unknown’ perpetrators collect the funds at the other end, distancing themselves from any possible wrongdoing or ability to be investigated, leaving the ‘mule’ to face the consequences.

Please keep the above in mind and in the event that you are contacted by anybody who is offering or advising any of the above just delete the email and do not respond.