Kidz Biz

How the Account works:

  • You won't pay anything to keep your money with us
  • You will have convenient access to your money
  • We will send you a statement which will show you the balance of your account
  • You will earn interest on the money in your savings account

What comes with your Account?

  • Money Box
  • 50 page deposit book
  • Wallet/holder for your deposit book

What do I need to apply?

  • Be under 14 years of age
  • Parental/guardian consent
  • Australian residential address
  • Your birth certificate

How can I open an Account?


  • You can open an Account at your nearest Bank of Sydney branch.

Student Savings & Transaction Accounts
Interest Rates
Student Savings0.50% p.a.
Annual Fee$0.00 
Monthly Fee$0.00 
Interest Calculated Split tier balance method
Interest PaymentsMonthly
StatementsPaper statements every 6 months If account is linked to a VISA Debit Card, then statement cycle is monthly
Online BankingYes. Note under 14yrs requires parental consent and is Enquiry Only Access.
Debit Card Yes, for customers over 14yrs with parental consent
Android PayYes 
Direct Entry (Credit/Debit)Yes 
Minimum Amount$1 
Periodic PaymentsYes 
Cheque BookNo