2019 Foreign Exchange Competition

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Buy Foreign Currency Cash or send Telegraphic Transfers in Foreign Currency for your chance to WIN!*

*Foreign Exchange Competition Terms & Conditions


1. The Promoter is Bank of Sydney Ltd (ABN 44 09 348 8629) of Level 4, 219-223 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000. Telephone number 1300 BANKING (1300 2265 464).

2. The period of this competition commences 9:00am on 03/06/2019 and closes at 6:00pm on 30/08/2019. This offer is subject to change without notice. This promotion is not open to Bank of Sydney staff or their immediate family.

3. a) Entry forms are only available through a Bank of Sydney Branch. Upon completion of a foreign exchange transaction via telegraphic transfer or foreign exchange cash purchase, the participant is to be entered into the draw by filling out the relevant entry form.

3. b) Details of each entrant i.e. Name, address, contact number and email address must be written on each entry form which will go into the barrel for the draw. Participants can enter the draw each time a foreign exchange transaction via telegraphic transfer or foreign exchange cash purchase is completed. Participant entry or entries are valid for the month and State in which they enter the draw only and will not be incorporated into consecutive draws thereafter.

4. During the campaign period, spanning 5 months (April to August 2019 inclusive), the potential total cash prize earned by the sum of the winning contestants is a maximum total value of AUD $7,500 for all three states (NSW, VIC & SA). Over the 5 month period each state has a total potential cash prize give-away of AUD $ 2500. For each month during the campaign period of 5 months, a total of AUD $500 per state (NSW, VIC & SA) will be assigned to the winning entry form (drawn in each state through random barrel draw).

5 a).Each winning entrant from NSW and VIC is offered the chance to win up to AUD $500 by participating in the “Cash Grab” activity whereby the participant is able to enter an inflatable “Cash Grab” Machine located at the branch from which their entry was made. The winning entrant from SA can either nominate a staff member from NSW or VIC to enter the ‘Cash Grab’ on their behalf or can opt in to receive the $300 minimum cash prize.

5. b)The winning entrant from NSW and VIC will be contacted at least 1 week prior to the date the “Cash Grab” activity will take place. At the time of contact, the entrant must confirm they will be able to attend and participate on the date and time provided for the “Cash Grab” activity.

5.c) By entering into this FX competition, in NSW and VIC, it is the entrants understanding that upon winning, they will be required to participate in the “Cash Grab” activity located at their branch of entry. If the entrant is unable to attend/ take part in the “Cash Grab” activity they may nominate a candidate of their choice to participate on their behalf.

5. d). If the winner nominates a participant to enter the “Cash Grab” activity on their behalf, the full name and phone number of that participant must be provided to Bank of Sydney.  The winner or nominated participant will be notified of the date of the cash grab activity  and the branch in which it will take place, at least one  week prior to the event.

5. e) Once the “Cash Grab” activity has commenced  and the participant has been advised  to begin, the participant will be provided a total of 30 seconds to grab an unrestricted amount of play money that is being circulated by air  within the “Cash Grab” Machine. The participant agrees that they will not trap play money notes against the roof, walls, or body of the machine or bend at the waist or knees to pick up notes from the floor of the machine.

5. f) The winning participant will “win”  the corresponding amount of money to the total amount of “play money“  collected during the “ cash Grab” activity, up to a maximum of AUD $ 500.   If the total amount of play money collected by the participant in the “Cash Grab” machine is a total of less than AUD $300 the participant will by default receive a total amount of AUD $300 as prize money.

6. a) By agreeing to enter into the “Cash Grab” activity and physically engage in this activity the participant agrees that they are doing so at their own risk and that Bank of Sydney is not responsible or liable for any potential harm or damage to the participant arising from participating in the “Cash Grab” activity or entering the “Cash Grab” machine. In consideration of their participation in the FX “Cash Grab” promotion, each participant entering the FX “Cash Grab” competition expressly releases Bank of Sydney from any liability for any potential conditions or injuries that any participant may sustain during the course of the “Cash Grab” activity and accept financial responsibility for any injury that they may cause to either themselves or any other third party, in so far as permitted by Law.

6. b )It is the participants sole responsibility to ensure they act and behave in a manner that ensures their safety and the safety of those around them. It is the participant’s sole responsibility to ensure that their attire, hair and accessories are appropriate to wear in the “Cash Grab” Machine in that they do not cause harm to the participant, those around them or cause damage to the “Cash Grab” Machine itself.

7.  If the participant is unable or deemed unable to participate by the Bank of Sydney staff and no participant is able to be located to participate on the winning entrant’s behalf, the winner will automatically forfeit their win and a runner up winner will be drawn in their place.

8. The winner of each “Cash Grab” activity will have the total amount won (minimum AUD $ 300 up to a maximum of AUD $ 500)   credited into their nominated Bank of Sydney account. The prize is not transferable.

9. After each monthly draw, the entry forms will be discarded in line with Bank of Sydney’s privacy policy.

10. By entering this competition all winning entrants and/or participants consent to being photographed or videotaped during the “ cash grab” activity and authorise Bank of Sydney to  use  the  video or photograph material of the winning entrant’s participation in the “Cash Grab” activity for promotional or advertising purposes, including on  social media,  without compensation.

11.  The draws will take place once a month, each month for the months of April to August 2019 inclusive, for each state, at the Promoter’s Head Office in Sydney, Level 4, 219-223 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000. The winning entry form will be randomly drawn from a barrel.  

12. Telegraphic transfers (TT’s) can only be made by debiting a Bank of Sydney Account. Terms and conditions apply and are available in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Telegraphic Transfers from AUD to AUD and from Foreign Currency to Foreign Currency are excluded from this offer. A conversion needs to take place for the fee free offer to apply.

13. The PDS and current applicable exchange rates are available from any branch of Bank of Sydney, at or by calling 1300 BANKING (1300 2265 464). Differing rates of exchange are applicable to cash currency exchange and telegraphic transfers (TT’s) respectively.

 Offer is valid until 30/08/2019.

 This advice is general and does not take into account your specific needs.

 The PDS should be considered before making any decisions about the appropriateness of any of our products. Other Fees & Charges may apply.

14. By entering this competition you authorise Bank of Sydney to contact you regarding their products and services.

Bank of Sydney Ltd (BOS) ABN 44 093 488 629 AFSL & Australian Credit Licence Number 243 444.

Permit Number: LTPS/19/35272