Our partnership with the Immigration Museum

Our partnership with the Immigration Museum

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Tuesday 30th October 2018

Bank of Sydney and the Immigration Museum proudly present

Kahlil Gibran: The Garden of the Prophet

Bank of Sydney is proud to announce its partnership with Museums Victoria in presenting its latest exhibition, Kahlil Gibran: The Garden of the Prophet. The Immigration Museum will open the exhibition on 28 November, 2018.

Widely considered to be the third most popular poet of all time after Shakespeare and Lao-Tzu, Kahlil Gibran was a much-loved and respected Lebanese-born writer and artist. He migrated to America as a young man in the 1890s and rose to prominence in both the East and West through his creative works.

Mr Miltos Michaelas, CEO at Bank of Sydney, expressed his esteem and admiration for the timeless works of Kahlil Gibran: “At Bank of Sydney, we are very proud to partner with the Immigration Museum in its mission to fulfil the dream of many through this exhibition. Kahlil Gibran: The Garden of the Prophet will feature original paintings, sketches, manuscripts and artefacts borrowed from the Gibran Museum in his hometown of Bsharri, Lebanon.

“Gibran’s masterpiece, The Prophet, continues to inspire and influence generations to this day, almost a century after the first edition was published in 1923. We invite everyone to visit the Immigration Museum, explore the work of Kahlil Gibran and be inspired by his life.”

The Honourable Steve Bracks AC, Board Member at Bank of Sydney and a key supporter of this project, became inspired by Kahlil Gibran after visiting the Gibran Museum in Bsharri: “There is something for everyone in the works of Kahlil Gibran. Visitors to this exhibition are going to discover that there is a great universality to his words that makes them both accessible to a wide community of people, but also deeply evocative and meaningful. I personally have found the exhibition inspirational.”

Rohini Kappadath, General Manager at the Immigration Museum, is also a great admirer of Kahlil Gibran and his works: “To many, Gibran is a cultural icon and literary rebel. He took a great deal of inspiration from his experiences as a migrant, and strove constantly to resolve cultural and human conflict. We hope that visitors to this exhibition will be able to discover the power and relevance of his ideas and works today.”

Highlights include:

  • 12 original Gibran paintings to accompany The Prophet, displayed within a space that invites visitors to sit, contemplate and read excerpts from the book.
  • A signed and annotated copy of The Prophet by Elvis Presley, who was known to purchase the book as a gift for friends.
  • A galley proof of The Prophet replete with Gibran’s annotations to his publisher.
  • Artefacts including Gibran’s writing desk and artist box.

Kahlil Gibran: The Garden of the Prophetopens exclusively at the Immigration Museum (400 Flinders St, Melbourne) on Wednesday 28 November, 2018 and will run until 17 March, 2019.

For media enquiries, please contact:

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