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EFTPOS Services

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An efficient, secure and competitive payment solution.

A partnership to your advantage

Our long-standing Bank of Sydney and Tyro Payments partnership brings you the benefits of the personalised service of your current bank  with the technological leadership of Tyro.

Tyro Payments, Australia’s only independent Merchant Services Provider, is on your side. Transparent pricing policy, two secure live-live data centres and 24/7 local customer support guarantee you an uninterrupted and competitive EFTPOS service. As Tyro does not accept deposits or issues payment cards, it focuses only on the merchant’s interest.

A flexible agreement

There is no setup fee, no lock-in contract, no break or exit fees. Tyro’s close cooperation with Bank of Sydney guarantees a seamless settlement of funds into your existing bank account.

Lightning fast speed

Tyro's technology gives merchants the ability to process transactions in less than 4 seconds via broadband, Wifi or 3G.

A secure and reliable solution

Tyro’s reliable terminals can automatically switch between two secure live-live data centres to avoid disruptions commonly encountered with other financial institutions. The terminal’s keypads are designed to completely shield the PIN entry.

Online reporting for easier reconciliation

  • Real-time transaction viewing for all card types
  • Detailed reporting for EFTPOS cost management
  • Downloadable transaction data, online statements

Competitive transaction rates

Tyro is the first Australian EFTPOS Services Provider to actually publish its rate schedule. By offering its merchants reliable and secure payment services for transparent and competitive pricing, Tyro strives to keep Merchant Service Fees low.

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Tyro Payment

Other Banks

No phone line required

$450 per dial-up phone line

No lock-in contract

1–5 year lock-in term

No cancel / break fees

$110–$500 cancel / break fees    

No admin fees                

 $28- $30 admin fee  

No setup fees

 $80 - 100 setup fees

No charge back fees

 $30 per charge back incident    

Free phone authorisation    

 $2.90 per phone authorisation

Smart simple integration 

Complex third party integration 

By using broadband you can cancel one or more dial-up phone lines saving approximately $450 per year/phone line.

Integrated EFTPOS solutions

Tyro terminals integrate with many POS systems providing fast, accurate payment solutions for your business.

  Xenta, the countertop EFTPOS terminal
  • Stylish and highly practical, designed to make payments fast and easy while offering watertight security.
  • Ethernet and GPRS configurable 
  • Fully compliant Chip and PIN solution 
  • Can connect to multiple tills / POS lanes 
  • Recessed keypad for PIN security
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Durable design
  Xentissimo, the mobile EFTPOS terminal
  • Portable and lightweight terminal is very innovative in terms of mobility, transaction speed and security.
  • Uses WiFi / GPRS connectivity in your business    
  • Fast, mobile transactions
  • Connects to multiple tills / POS lanes
  • Built-in privacy shield for PIN security
  • Long-life rechargeable battery
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Secure data storage
  Yomani 3G, PAYWAVE terminal
  • 3G & Ethernet configurable
  • Contactless payments
  • Large colour display and backlit keys
  • Connects to multiple tills/POS lanes
  • Recessed keypad for PIN security
  • Built in thermal printer (15 lines/second)
  • Secure data storage
  • Durable design
  Yoximo 3G, mobile EFTPOS terminal
  • 3G & WiFi configurable
  • Fast, mobile transactions
  • Contactless payments
  • Connects to multiple till/POS lanes
  • Build in privacy shield for PIN Security
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Long-life rechargeable battery
  • Built in thermal printer (15 lines/second)
  • Secure data storage

Flexible pricing terms

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Terminal Type

 Rental Plan Per month


 $15 - $19





$29 - $39

$39 - $49

All pricing excludes GST


Local 24/7 support available: Tyro’s Customer Support is local and available 24hrs, 7 days a week on 1300 966 639

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